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How to Deal with Key Issues

How to Deal with Key Issues
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We often say that lock repairs are mandatory in order to fix a problem, but it's not always the lock's fault. The first thing on our minds when the key is not inserted in the lock is that there is something wrong with the mechanism. We hardly take a closer look at the key or consider the obvious: is this the right one? If this caused the problem, you might be locked out but you won't have to be concerned about other security issues. The truth is that nine out of ten times we hold the right key but still cannot open the door. Seven out of ten times the door locks are to blame and for a good reason, too. They get stiff, damaged or loose and keep us from using our key. Though, there is a small possibility that the key is damaged and has caused all the hassle. The bottom line is - what do we do when these things happen?

When do keys cause us trouble?

How to Deal with Key IssuesThe fact is that key problems are very specific and rather limited. What can happen to a key? Our Locksmith Villa Park experts say that they might bend and rust or get damaged. The truth is that the smallest wear and tear related to the key's ridges and edges won't allow it to be inserted all the way in the lock, let alone turn and unlock the door. These kind of problems are avoidable only if you take care of them: do not leave them close to other rusty items, don't put too many old keys in an old box, avoid getting them wet, don't throw them around and don't use them as tools as it will ruin them. Problems will be avoided if issues are detected early and you get a key replacement. If you don't and continue to use the same key, one day it won't turn. If you use force, it will break. If it's too rusty, it will break even if you don't use force.

The best way to avoid trouble – including house lockouts - is to take action and have the keys replaced in time. Now if you forgot all about it and you are stuck outside your house with the key broken in the lock, you will be lucky to have some kind of tool with you that will resemble pliers (tweezers for example). The broken part must be slowly turned and pulled till it is removed. If you are in the house, it will be easier because you will have access to more tools. If the key is just stuck in the lock, you can use some lubricants too.

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